Indiavision website is updated

August 22, 2006

Those who noticed that the Indiavision official website was down, may now see the updated website at the same location. I think the discussion board is being upgraded. Meanwhile I welcome your comments here.


4 Responses to “Indiavision website is updated”

  1. India Vision chanel have to see the blogs of a farmer in Malayalam Unicode fonts which is more informative.

  2. Dear CEO

    I HAVE been watching your channel on a regular basis ever since its inception. Certainly, there is an element of professionalism in what U do. But frankly speaking, that’s not what is enough for running a channel of this kind.
    Along with news and news related events, U should also have a sizeable quantum of entertainment or what we call info-tainment” in the journalist parlance. That will help U raise a substantial finance base inevitable for running a channel.
    U need to learn a lesson hard. For running a channel, from a place, that is by and large perceived as “business unfriendly”, what requires most at this juncture is a perennial financial support.

    Yours sincerely

    Staff Reporter

    GULF TIMES, Doha

  3. abysamkoshy Says:

    today more people depend on taxi car its should bee mered as goverment rate fist step of goverment is build road
    its need most neeed nest

  4. abysamkoshy Says:

    we need leader above 35 age no election in collage
    only alloved to vote for student they show off and volite rules a leder should beeabove 35 of age he should me moral too socity and doo god too people he should be eleted to stand for leaders

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