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August 22, 2006

I welcome all the Indiavision viewers to share your concerns, pleasures and views regarding the channel and news it covers….

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  1. test Says:


  2. Vasthavam !!! Says:

    ‘Vasthav’ ,try to know from the people who suffered tsunami ,earthquake like tragedies. Try to from those thousand and thousands of devotee around the glob.If the channel want to know anything related to the ashram or ‘Amma’ ,legally approach them and telecast the real truth .Instead of this including videos and clipping of ‘Amma’ in between fake sanyasis is really cheap and unethical.Your responsibility towards the public is to bring the reality not your imaginations.Move legally and fight from the front. We hope that channel will try to keep its minimum standard on such matters!!!!

  3. Well Wisher Says:

    Please try to keep the minimum standard on News. Don’t spread unnecessary Rumors.

  4. rekha Says:

    We strongly express our regret for your unethical way of treating our beloved amma, who is the life and soul of millions of people and lives for the people and sacrifices 24 hrs for the world. For a normal human being, anyway it is impossible for spending 18 hrs of a day for giving embrace and solutions for their problems, so at least respect this truth, if you are not respecting amma as a guru. I am a person who knows amma from the time of my birth and I have a question to you? suppose a thief who has done a loot in police uniform will you tell that police has done the loot the same thing has happened here also some criminals performed immoral activities pretended as a saint for that why you are telling all saints are doing immoral activities channel’s responsibility is to bring truth in front of people not for insulting saints like amma

  5. Gaurishankar Says:

    Please try to discover the TRUTH. Try to avoid ur unnecessary articles against AMMA.

  6. Swaminathan Says:

    Please go through this link –
    If ur willing to know the reality.

  7. Bhama Says:

    Don’t include our beloved amma’s video or news relating with fake sanyasis. We knw AMMA for the past 10 years.Don’t spread unnecessary rumers.I think India vision is now rumer spreading channel. Or we can give that name.

  8. Praveen Venu Says:

    Where was these people when there was a case against Murikkur center?? Is this because of their responsibility to public that these channels investigates the (a)swami cases soo “deeply”?? Never.. They think that when the picture of a popular saint like Amma is included in their article then it will capture the attention of people. But remember that if all devotees of Amma decides not to watch this channel then the viewers will be halved.

    If you have no story to telecast that catches the attention of viewers then instead of hurting the devotees of pure saints like Amma (even these channel people knows anything is illegal in Amrita Asharam), go and look for some other jobs.

  9. hridya Says:



  10. vinu manikandan Says:

    In any walk of life there will be good and bad people which every one should accept. As an media persons you people have got a great responsibility to show the world the truth and the bad and mean people in this world that your responsibility. but one thing you you people have to care is that you don’t hurt the good ones. And if you want to increase your trps try to do that in a more sensible news or programm.

  11. Samsaram Says:

    I was having respect to this channel as they have some ethics and telecast news to us and hold some values on their respective area. But now, shameless to say that, even they get a chance to blame a community for business sake like other 3rd grade channels….it is too bad to say that, and actually do not know how to express it…shameless…shameless.

    but, if they read an article on all these issues written by Swamiji Amrit Swarupananda – Mathrubhumi, 2008 May 28th ” Kannundayal pora, Kananam”, they will get the answer, i hope these people can read and understand MALAYALAM as well.

    And remember, they are telecasting all these to make money out of these issues, and if they get any chance to blame their own people, ( I don’t want to say the name ), they will do that also to make money.

    I don’t think its too much for their nuisance activity.

  12. Sankar Says:

    Please try to discover the TRUTH. Try to avoid ur unnecessary articles against AMMA.

  13. Bhavani Says:

    Humanitarian, Mother, Friend, Guru, God…. people see her differently.In reality, Amma is beyond all such roles. With the help of a channel or media you can’t change it.

  14. Satya Says:

    I know Amma( Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ) for past few years. From my experience I can only admire amma, because in this busy world nobody is finding time for atleast understanding their own family problems but Amma is hearing and finding solutions for thousands of people. Anybody can blame and criticize other’s social activities but just before blaming others first check ourselves that whether we have done anything good for the society. At the time of great tragedies and natural calamities whether those who are now criticizing others have come with a helping hand or consoling words? Channels and medias have the responsibility to reveal truths in front of the public. The reports coming should be based on a true story or from a valid suspicion.Media can do their duty by unleashing the truth , not by merely generating fake news and reports about whoever they want. Now a days so many fake sanyasi’s were caught. They were fake not original. That doesn’t mean whoever in white or ‘Kavi’ are fake. Those great people whom media and others are blaming directly or indirectly have their Ashrams and other institutions worldwide. You can legally approach them or you can approach those who are benefiting from them. Instead of wasting time by spreading fake news and by attacking people and destroying their places, something good can be done to disclose the truth.

  15. ar Says:

    n any walk of life there will be good and bad people which every one should accept. As an media persons you people have got a great responsibility to show the world the truth and the bad and mean people in this world that your responsibility. but one thing you you people have to care is that you don’t hurt the good ones. And if you want to increase your trps try to do that in a more sensible news or programm.

  16. Amma's mol Says:

    Atleast try to understand what is the truth before spreading a news.We are challenging the channel to prove whatever they said is truth.

  17. Durga Says:

    I really feel sympathy on you people.Is this correct that you people dont even have any commonsense?Now i think so.How can you spread such rumers about AMMA without any proper evidence ? Why are you simply put the things like this?Atleast you have to think that She have thousands of devotees all over the world?How you could simply blame such a mahatma who is the embodiment of pure love(i dont know whether you heard about a word ‘selfless love’)and patience.Can you sit for an 18 hour per day and give suggestions and guidence to people who came with lots of problems and sorrows?This is not for a single day but throughout her life.
    I hope you will keep a minimum standard(hope what is it mean) and try to realize the things.

  18. Deepu Says:

    Express my deep pain and anger over your baseless allegations about amma.
    Indiavision sucks

  19. Sukrithum Says:

    Its really worse from channels like india vision and kairali to spread false news aginst AMMA.Amma’s children knows that we don’t want to react as we know what we are doing or following is 100% right and there is no need to convince anybody.These channels prooved themselves as fraud by showing such programs.Those who knows AMMA well will never beleive these evil thoughts since everybody beleives what they really sees.Those who want to know the truth can come to ASHRAM and really see what is actually happening there.All the accounts are correctly handovered to the government in time.Millions of people are doing selfless service under Ammas guidance.Can any one who are blaming AMMA do any selfless service atleast one day without sleep or timely food?No!! and they can only kill their time by gossiping.

    Dear india vision,as Swamjij’s article says,”Kanundayal mathram pora kannanam”,Your “vision ” is not good even though you have an eye.So please change this job and do some useful things.Else we will make you out.

    Let dogs bark but who will hear????

  20. Satish Says:

    Atleast try to understand what is the truth before spreading a news.

  21. Sandeep Says:

    Please try to discover the TRUTH. Try to avoid ur unnecessary articles against AMMA.

  22. Syam Says:

    I think people are raising such issues against AMMA just to gain cheap publicity, AMMA does not have to prove anything to anyone, the work she is doing across the world is the living testimony of she being the EMBODIMENT of LOVE and COMPASSION.

    I hope channels will not succumb to such cheap publicity stunts just to raise their TRPs.

  23. RAHNA Says:






  24. VINOD KARAT Says:

    Its a humble request to get your facts right before you go ahead with your reports. According to me AMMA is the only one in this whole of universe, who lives every moment for the benefit of humanity. How can you even think of including the revered AMMA in your list for fake swamis. At least what your channel could have done was to cross check the massive humanitarian work that AMMA has done over the past several years. Try to use the power of mass media to make the world a better place, atleast dont malign those who are making/trying to do so. Hoping that better sense prevails with your channel. May Ammas blessing show you the right path..

  25. radha Says:

    Till now I had a very good opinion about your channel for which I regret now. You cannot just use anything your hands fall on as an object for increasing your publicity. First find the TRUTH. Several people all over the world come to Amma seeking advice and solace. If you’ve seen Amma atleast once, you can never do such a thing. Where were you when tsunami happened? Have you done anything to reduce the pain of suffering people? Do you know how much Amma is doing to the world?
    To get a chance to live during the time of an avatar is rare. I suggest you to make use of such an opportunity, your life will be blessed. I feel pity for you.

  26. Ramesh A Says:

    Without knowing the truth the media should not publish anything, especially regarding sathgurus like AMMA.

    Don’t pass poisons through media to the innocent people, Finally this poison will kill you and you only.

    What you are going to get from this cheap puplicity?
    Nothing other than pain..Any way if you are get any problems YOU ARE WELCOME TO AMRITAPURI TO GET SOME PEACE.
    YOU will get AMMA’s grace also. Because everyone is AMMA’s child.

  27. ajeesh Says:

    Please try to discover the TRUTH. Try to avoid ur unnecessary articles against AMMA.

  28. ajeesh Says:

    Please try to discover the TRUTH. Try to avoid ur unnecessary articles against AMMA. .

  29. Bhavani Says:

    Not in any other state ,country,or continent this will happen ! nationally and internationally honored personality getting insulted by a third rated television channel.’Indiavision’ i think their real vision is to change our god’s own country to devil’s own country …..

  30. Dhanya Says:

    This is going to be a bad mark for you dear Channel,
    Please Never do such foolishness again. During Tsunami days Many people, many associations including govt did relief actions. In that the most noticed actions were taken by Amma(Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ) . The “whole world” saw it, why didnt you see. Without collecting the proper information, how can you give such false information, as a channel.
    You should be giving “RIGHT NEWS AT THE RIGHT TIME”,
    This is not at all right time and not at all right news. If you need to raise such an issue


  31. Sheeja Says:

    Channel’s responsibility to the public is to telecast sensible news. If there is any “adharma” occurs in the society, media should help people/society to fight against that particular case rather than diverting the attention of the public.

    Media does not have any right to blame the whole community for the “adharma” that some fake people do out of their selfishness. This kind of news publications will only bring down your publicity and faith that common people have towards your channel in future.

    It is very sad and shame that your television (being a kerala television) is still living in an imaginary world not even knowing the tireless humanitarian works that our beloved AMMA does for our nation. The whole world knows and recognized (united nations) about AMMAs humanitarian activities. Pls open your eyes and see the reality.

  32. Ashaletha Says:

    Have you ever seen Amma?
    If you had ever experienced the peace, love, hope, courage and confidence that she is radiating to all those who come to her, you would never even think of publishing such a stuff about her. There were and there are “vasudeva paundrakas” every time to make use of the ignorance of the society. During the time of Krishna or Jesus also, there were many such rumour spreaders. Did they get any benefit ultimately? Think about this. If you could, spend at least one day in Amritapuri to understand what is really going on there. I am saying this because, I too came as a student with a rational mind to Amritapuri and now I am in the shelter of Amma for the last 10 years. She is beyond your intelligence man. She is pure love that you can’t even imagine without the grace of God.

  33. Hridin.N.C Says:

    Nothing more to add. All our views are strongly put forward by our Valya Swamiji, in the Mathrubhumi article. This is strong enough to answer all the questions.

    I am damn sure, AMMA will have the same smile on her face. She dont have time to listen all these controversy, we all know that..

    All the conspiracies against AMMA are planned by a group of poeple who are afraid by seeing how AMMA is conquering the world through love and compassion. ( I think they are chanting “amma amma” 24 hours, thinkin how to destroy Her !!! and they will get moksha also !!!..ha..ha!!!)

    And one who is afraid, equal to dead !!!
    Who is gonna care??

  34. Ambily Says:

    I just have one question to ask,
    If the channel did all these for the well being of people here,like what Swamiji asked where were these people whn Tsunami struck,almost allthe news channels were running behind news and pictures which would bring tear to anyone’s eyes..so as to increase their publicity,
    How many of you tried to wipe out that tear from their eyes…
    Always remember one thing:- ‘Its easy to teach twenty,but to be one amongst those twenty is equally difficult…’
    You people out there if you don’t have the mentality to do anything good for the mankind why the hell don’t you allow others to do it.
    Remember the Proverb,Give Respect and take respect…
    If you have not learned how to respect others never even think of getting respect from others.

  35. Terminator Says:

    Is there any political leader who sits for more than 14 hours for the public?? this itself says that these people are neither human beings, nor animals!!!

    AMMA was the first to speak Malayalam in UN. Do these people know about this?

    Does anybody know about this? Visit this link

  36. Anoop Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam who ever in India Vision,

    i think it has become fashionable for media and political leaders to target hindu spiritual leaders. By saying this i’m not justifying crooked people like santhosh Madhavan. i’ve got enough wisdom to discriminate them.If these pseudo secular people can go blind when a thangu brother or a kp yohannan convert people just for getting foreign money, then i’m not surprised if they accused amma for her good deeds.

    May be you are tightlipped against them because you are paid !!!. i dont see any other reason.


  37. Lakshmi Says:

    For all there at Indiavision,

    Do think before You act! It is not good and decent to portary things which is unreal. I am a person who knows Amma right from my childhood and we all pitty the Indiavision channel for having picturised Amma while Santhosh Madhavan’s issues where shown in your channel,because this gave us an opportunity to understand the quality of the channel for bringing up stories and imaginations build up by the channel.
    Dear Dear Sir/Madam, if you go in this pace you will really ruin the channel. Because onlty truth and Justice wins!


  38. Uma Says:

    Please do not use media to mislead the public. Find the facts before you do anything like this.

  39. Gopan Says:

    Finally Indiavision also self degraded like Kairali TV by tarnishing the interest of the lakhs of believers of Indian culture and deity. It was too unfortunate to have such an immature move towards a world-respected personality like AMMA, who had had the privilege to represent India at the United Nation’s Parliament of the World’s Religions held at Barcelona.

    It is meticulously absurd to generalize the allegations against a minority of swindlers to the vast fraternity of Hindu monks and saints. Fabricated entities were always been a part of the history but not only in spirituality…they were there in politics, business….and even in media like what Indiavision and Kairali is going to be, by tarnishing the cultural and social icons of Hinduism.

    Any way the unethical media culture that in place which is intended just to boost up the viewership and to propagate an anti-Hindu wave would eventually ruin the reputation and impartial image that Indiavision had. Undoubtedly it will result in sidelining you from the neutral mainstream media stamping down to just a minority bounded TV channel. Being a party funded chauvinistic mess – Kairali TV may proliferate religious outrage but a channel with a clean image over the years, rich with the profound media persons like Mr.Nikesh, Indiavision should take more care when dealing such issues….otherwise many unbiased viewers just like me will be compelled to say – adieu to Indiavision..!!

  40. gopesh Says:

    it is really sad to spread such news about a person who dedicated whole life for serving people As our Swamiji said she is the first person who spoke in malayalam in UN and the first Indian who received Gandhi King Award Don’t you ashamed to insult such a good personality ????

  41. Gopan Says:

    Nama Shivaya,

    Why these kind of addressing. I’ll tell. I’m an employee of one among Amrita Trust’s business establishments. Amrita Technologies, Situated at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, A Software Development Company registered as Private Limited under Amrita Television and Amrita Pharmacy named as Amrita Enterprises Private Limited. Above given address is a mascot of our company, don’t know why do we use it. But is customary to do so. So me too.
    I’ve seen an article ‘Kannundayal pora, Kananam’ by our renown Swami AmritaSwaroopananda,Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math. I believe that there is no need to tell please avoid good ones, by seeing blaming on bad. So I’m confused why Swami confess himself that he and charitable trust he belongs to are not among those groups. I wish to say that people like swamiji is trying tie a know on our eyes that his hands are clean.
    I Strongly believe that the company I belong to is perfectly run under business principles but salary paid must be under charity basis. The Authorities are ready to give work all the time, but for the sake of charity giving less lumpsum. Why it is happened?

    Last day I’ve seen from the premises that some of the followers trying to paste the article on wall , some are communicating through emails, some are there to convince us pleading swamiji. I believe there is no need to do this. If the statement is true and valid why the followers try to do so.

    I suspect that this is only a matter of existence for the Math and the rulers who enjoys wide range of facilities.

    I have been part of the Ashram and Its institutions from last 5 years. Since I become a culprit for these people, I believed that Amma is the real godess , who will look after me, guide me in all difficulties.
    But now it is forced to believe that they are mere facinations spread out by amma’s followres. Since I’ve been here in four walls of Ashram and Ashram Controlled Institutions no way to respond on the same.

    I’m frightened to say that This Ashram and the Authorities will destroy us, Surely.

  42. P.K Binu Says:

    I feel really very very sad in seeing and hearing the news spreaded against such a great humanitarian leader and Satguru AMMA. As a regular viewer of your channel, I didn’t expect such nonsense from you. You forced us to streamline the channel to cheap and dirty category of media like Kairali, Flash, Crime e.t.c. Me and my family now decided to quit viewing Indiavision. Finally I have one request…

    Please change your channel name to HellVision. This is more suitable for your channel than using the name of a great nation with a great culture.

  43. Bhavani Says:

    Namah Shivaya “Gopan’,
    You can’t be one among the amrita family because your language is of a selfish ,unethical media person.For money,fame and power you can cross all the limits ,you may tell nonsense about your own mother.It is sure that you will destroy not with anyone else but with the poison inside you It will destroy you and the people around you.Remember ‘Sathyameva Jayathe’

  44. Uma Says:

    If you are really a person working in Amrita, you wouldnot speak total lies. This clearly shows that you are a cheater, an imposter, wearing the guise of an amrita employye. I’m also working in one of Amrita Institutions and I know what goes on here in Amrita Institutions. Your language do look like a media person as Bhavani says.
    Please do not use the web or the media to spread false notions about anyone or any organizaiton.

  45. vineesha Says:

    Gopan – imposter
    If you do not really appriciate Amrita, why don’t you just quit it. Cannot do it, right? First of all, you should be employed in Amrita to quit it.

  46. Sukrithum Says:

    Gopan, are you sincere yourself???See, Millions of people are working in Amrita institutions but not all of them may be realy seen AMMA.AMMA accepts everybody without looking good or bad.Actually it is your fault that you couldn’t really understand AMMA within this 5 years.AMMA will never force anybody to come and see HER or work in HER institutions.You are just like a mosquito.ie

    “Even in the presence of a cow with milk,the mosquito will only drink blood”.

  47. forthetruth Says:

    Mr. Gopan,

    You are commenting like a blind person. A blind person only sees his own dark world. First try to remove your blindness and see the real world. Unnecessary lies and comments cannot cover the truth. The truth will always remain the truth.

  48. manoj Says:

    it is really sad to spread rumors against a person who is living example of pure love and compassion. Channel’s duty is to telecast news and other social issues not to spread rumors. If you want to know anything about Amma approach ashramam legally.Now I am remembering the words of swami Vivekananda “Keralam oru Bhranthalayam”. Only mad people can utter such comments about Satguru Amma.

  49. vinodini Says:

    Find the facts before you do anything in your channel

    Don’t include our beloved amma’s video or news relating with fake sanyasis.

  50. Sathyanarayanan Says:

    In 2002 Mata Amritanandamayi was presented with the Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence by The World Movement for Nonviolence at the UN General Assembly Hall (Palais Des Nations) in Geneva in recognition of her lifelong work in furthering the principles of non-violence. The three previous recipients of the award were Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, and primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall.

    In 2006, Amma was honoured with the 4th Annual James Parks Morton Interfaith Award at the Interfaith Centre, New York. The Interfaith Award annually honors global leaders who forward the ICNY-mission of promoting peace, interfaith understanding and action through social and cultural programs.

  51. mob Says:

    friends we are deviating from the issue.’indiavision’,awake from the daydreams and illusions, Live in reality.You may have to pay a lot for these type offensive programs

  52. divya Says:

    It is really bad to see the First Malayalam News Channel in Kerala, telecasting such fake news against Sath-Gurus like AMMA. If you don’t know about AMMA, go and ask the ones who suffered a lot during Gujarat Earthquake or Tsunami or any other disaster that really affected the man-kind. They will tell you who AMMA is.

  53. Jayashree Says:

    No criminal act can be worse than this. Beware Indiavision TV.

    Condemning good people, noble minded is easy to do for they hardly do their work to win praise.

    TV channels such as yours are the reason for deteriorating conditions of humanity today. You should be taken out of business for your broadcast of LIES IMMEDIATELY.

  54. Suresh Says:

    Please try to keep the minimum standard on News. Don’t spread unnecessary Rumors.

  55. satyam Says:

    we all know that “SPIRITUALITY” is the back bone of “our INDIA”. It was because all the great soul like Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsar , Swami Vivekananda , Adi Shankaracharya , Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi , many to be listed who lived and are living amongst us , where they have come down to our level to uplift us.

    Insulting and offending the great mahatmas and scriptures( Principles of sanatana dharma),is a SIN according to the scriptures. We have already learnt a lesson on this(Tsunami as an example). Please don’t play.By seeing all this i can predict yet another DISASTER……

    om tat sat

  56. Maamu Says:

    I think I’ndiavision’ should apologize for this.

  57. samyuktha Says:

    “india vision” you have made a self goal. Gr88.
    Media can never be used to attack on personal rivalries.
    You playing with the trust of people.

    Get the facts, or the facts will get you. And when you get them, get them right, or they will get you wrong.

    We can never expect something better from your channel henceforth.

    Amma is Universally known to all, she does not need any media to broadcast about herself to the people.

  58. Manoj Says:

    Amma is devine. Please dont drag amma in these kind of news for cheap publicity.
    India “visham” should apologize.

  59. deviputhri Says:

    indeed very sad, to know your limited vision. u know not how fortunate are the ones who work in Amma’s institutes.
    Your character shows you are an odd man out in Amrita family.
    Kindly Mr Rotten apple don’t spoil the whole barrel.
    Dare to quit.

  60. Lakshmi Says:

    Even if God incarnates, one should have done some good deeds(good karma) to know that it is God. Or atleast one should not be so foolish to talk against God.

    But God doesn’t need man’s help. Its we who are at loss, if we cannot identify God. The same God who had come in the form Jesus christ or Krishna has come to this world in the form of Amma. Even in Jesus christ time, there were false charges against Him becos of indiscriminative people who couldn’t identify Him as God. Even that Jesus christ accepted with a smile.

    Even Jesus christ was crucified only once. But if you observe Amma sitting for hours together giving darshan for nearly 15000 or 20,000 people (which is not humanly possible) without even going for Her essential day to day needs like passing urine, eating food or atleast a drink, that too for almost 365 days of the year, – One can understand that the pain of crucifixion, Amma undergoes everday. We should call all these people who talked against Her and take them to Amma. They should observe Her activities personally for some days. Then they will surely understand that their mistake.

    There is no incarnation like this till now, who is undergoing so much pain for the sake of Her children. If we blame her we are at loss. God doesn’t need us. But we need God. To the people who have written against Her!!! — Please understand this. If you blame Her, you are accrediting more sins to your account. Nothing will happen to God. Or atleast if you want to prove your stand, please go to Her. Observe Her for some days, then make your statements. Its such a sin to talk against the highest selflessness that is being shown. So Dont be foolish. Please awaken.

  61. Anashwara Says:

    I think the only vision of the ‘India Vision’ is to instill ailing thoughts in people’s mind. Wrongdoers must be punished. But being a strong media, a TV Channel should be able to discriminate between goodness and evilness and convey the right message to the public before barking nonsense. To show one who acts in accordance with dharma is a big crime. Have a study about India and the real saints and sages of India. You can understand it in the right sense only if there is a little intelligence. I don’t think any of your channel managers/workers are capable of understanding it.

    So better change the name of your channel. You can have it as ‘Dirty vision’ which suits you for your actions.

    Avatars bestow grace and blessings even on critics.But as scriptures say, your thoughts, words and actions are getting recorded in nature. One day you will have to face the consequences.

  62. Jayaraj Says:

    It is a fact that Amma works day-and-night for the welfare of society and has personally consoled and inspired people from all sections of society (from daily wages workers to corporate CEOs) and from all countries.

    Amma today has millions of followers across the globe and Amma’s Ashram undertakes massive charitable activities. These are also facts.

    Why is news related to all these highly social-relevant activities not covered by media, instead why are they trying to spread lies and rumors – why are they trying the FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt) tactics?

    We must rally together and use this opportunity to bring out the real culprits – the real anti-socials who are against social progress – both material and spiritual.

  63. Kiran Says:

    Mr Gopan,

    Don’t be a rotten apple on the Divine Tree. Why don’t you quit??? Amrita Institutions has thousands of employees including people who are doing selfless service to AMMA. Everyone except the ‘rotten apples’ consider it as a great honour. Anyway AMMA’s grace is defenitely on you. Otherwise how can you be at Amrita for 5 years with such a dirty,Disloyal, crooked mind?
    Don’t spoil others too with your poison.
    Your writing shows that your grace A/c status is nearing with zero balance.
    It is time to QUIT.

  64. Santhi Says:

    Don’t include our beloved amma’s video or news relating with fake sanyasis.

  65. Krishna Prasad Says:

    Some people who are more than jealous towards the Mata Amritanandamayi Math and especially towards AMMA are behind all these notoriety.It is indeed disheartening that some people want nothing good being done to the society.Let them come and see for themselves the activities of the Math and then decide.But only people who are ignorant can be corrected and not those who pretend to be.May good sense come to them.

  66. Seetha Says:

    Its really sad that IndiaVision is spreding these type of rumers. I don’t think tht they have enough education.

  67. jethin das K P Says:

    2007- Media the eye of Truth
    2008- Media the eye of Falsehood
    It too too bad to bring ammas name between fake persons who have grown up only because of the footing given by the political leaders.If any one need to know anything about amma or ashram let them come to ashram or ask any devotees about the same. The name of amma has been brought up here by media because if they bring ammas name each of devotees will respond to it and they cam some how stop he investigation about fakes. if the real enquiry is made about he root of fakes most of the political leaders etc will be under question.
    Let god give them the real eye to see the real facts

    Media should be the eye of the public to see the truth which is the offspring of real investigation and not the medium to propogate the view of the fools

  68. Deepu Says:

    I suggest to the POLICE and Government..

    Please have a RAID on AMMA’s ashram..

    Dear all channel people please have a LIVE telecast of the raid…

    Please do it on all Branches and ashrams… related to AMMA

    Then only people can realize Who is AMMA’s and How
    she funding crores for TSUNAMI Rehabilitation and other CHARITY… all over the world.

    And I am Asking CHANNEL PEOPLE to telecast this too…

    The daily routine of AMMA [AMMA Working round the clock for Global peace ] and Other Residents [Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis who doing seva with out sleep n food]

    Please do it As soon as possible…

    Let my brothers and sisters serve the people…

  69. Amit Says:

    The biggest sin that a person can do is to mislead and misinform others. And my dear friend – Mr. Gopan (if that’s your real name), on the outset, let me sincerely pray for you – May Amma (who remains to be the Goddess, irrespective of whether you believe in it anymore or not) bless you so that you never try this FUD tactic again. May Goddess bless you that you gain the mental maturity and become free from the clucthes of ignorance. In case you are being mislead by someone, may both of you regain your mental balance.

    Someone has to be blind to say that someone in a human body who gives out Herself unceasingly to others, day in and day out is not a Goddess!

    18 to 20 hours at a stretch – long hours of giving Darshan, consoling the afflicted and wiping away their tears – without even getting up once – surpassing all the limits of a normal human body!!!

    Tell me my dear friend, which other human personality in entire History of mankind do you know who has done and is still doing what Amma is? Infact, she is an embodiment of Supreme Godhood in a human form. She is pure Love and that is why even people who talk behind Her back, like you are doing, She even forgives them. But as a brother, I sincerely hope that you regain your mental balance and come to senses – OPen your eyes and see the reality – It is much more that what meets a normal eye!

    I consider you also as Amma’s child and hope that you will apologize for the nasty comment you have made earlier because it can mislead and misinform others and that would be the greatest sin.

  70. Amit Says:

    Deepu, May God bless you too so that you too stop misleading and misinforming the society, because that is the worst sin.

    Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And thats what happens usually. I am sure that Your opinion about Amma and Ashram is not actually yours, but most probably your peers, friends and relatives.

    Rather than going around and asking police to raid the ashram, I will suggest that you personally come and meet Amma. Be in the Ashram for some time, may be even few days. Take part in daily activities. And then you will know what Ashram and Amma is really about. Amma is an embodiment of God’s Love and Compassion in a human form.

    You know something – No matter how bad or how worst a sinner, a son may be, but to His Mother, he remains to be dear. Amma’s compassion or the God’s compassion is like that, otherwise you should not be alive after making such sinistic remarks about Amma’s Ashram.

    As a friend, I pray for you also that May you soon realize the fallacy of your own words and come to know the real Amma – whose entire life is dedicated towards the upliftment of mankind, and Amma’s Ashram.

  71. sakthivel Says:

    Don’t include our beloved amma’s video or news relating with fake sanyasis.

  72. Sethu Says:

    Namah Shivaya,

    Media folks dont have time to see how these politicians are ruining the country’s wealth for their selfishness. Though they know the fact they wont write it.

    Can the same media pin point a single person in the world who is doing the kind of seva activities like AMMA? Definetely not at all possible. In this materialistic world which is full of illusion, where all people running behind money, there is a group of people under AMMA doing good to the world people when they are in crisis without expecting anything return.

    As far as AMMA is concerned SHE is least bothered about all these rumors as SHE has so many many and many things to do for the world. Even if the person who wrote bad about AMMA if he/she gets chance to see AMMA, one can still see the same smile in HER face and the same hug will be given to him/her. Thats why SHE is AMMA.

    Please do not write anything false about our beloved Satguru or M. A. Math in the future.

  73. Aswathy Says:

    From where did u get these news? Have u ever come to our Ashram, visited any of our Institutions? How come you telecast a news without knowing the truth behind it? Is that the philosophy of JOURNALISM? By this u have proved the status of your channel? Wat did u get out of this? Directing the people in the wrong way. Is that you need? Disgusting…………

  74. Nimmy Says:

    My humble Pranams to the Lotus feet of our beloved AMMA. There is a proverb in Kerala “Eliye Pedichu Illam Chuduka”. And all my fellow friends can easily understand the meaning of how suitable the proverb in current situation in Kerala. Or I can even give another proverb which really suits the situation “Irikunna kombu murikuka”. Even if you do whatever you can against AMMA nothing will happen to Her, because SHE is beyond everything. And the funniest thing is even these discussion happens according to HER will only. Swami Vivekanada says “We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. “. When I was a child I used to worry about the corrupted condition of this world and AMMA taught me “Make yourself Bright and clear then the world around you will soon follow suit.” Aum Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

  75. RAHNA Says:


    RAVANA had 10 heads, BUT killed by RAMA.
    KAMSA had tremendous strength, But killed by KRISHNA.
    DEEPU has only a loose tongue, and will be killed by HIS OWN TONGUE….LIKE “BHASMASURAN”….


  76. Raj Kumar Says:

    Those who criticise Ashram activities should be able to think about themselves. It will be nice if they think that whether they are able to help a single person in the society. Answer will be ‘NO’ for 95% of the people. I saw the news in TV channels and they are asking for enquiry against ahsram. Most welcome. DYFI leader asking for an enquiry about MA Math. As he is a politician, he can ask for the enquiry. But if he thinks whether he is able to help atleast one person in the society or whether he is able to build atleast one house for the Tsunami victims or whether he is able to conduct a group marriage for the poor and atlast whether he is able to live with out looting any of the poor factory employees. The same leader is standing in front of all ‘caschew factory’ with a bucket to collect money from the poor people. Such leaders are the only reason to destroy the cultivation, industries or growth of kerala. Till now these fellows have not entered to software industry. So that field have a growth in kerala. If he is not dare, why he is not ricing sound against christian and muslim organizations. Because he know he may loose the vote. Any way i have a request to these people to leave those people who are doing some thing for society and try to catch those who are looting and utilising for perosonal growth.

    I am challenging you people, with out racing baseless allegations against any of the organizations or charities, you come with proof. But please parallelly you can look on your self also and ask a question whether you are doing true or not? For the sake of whom you people are doing this. As they are the rulers, just look on the secretariate and try to find out how many employees are coming in time? Try to prevent the correption in government sector.

    GOD given two hands and two legs because to work with out looting any body. So try to be an indian and live as a Human being by understanding yourself.

    Jai Hind

  77. Arathi Says:

    I request the media people not to mislead the society by spreading baseless news about Amma.

    Your criticisms clearly shows that you are not able to bear Amma’s humanitarian activities. Please keep one thing in mind, She is not an ordinary woman, who will give up by the criticisms; like a river She will flow crossing the obstacles, like a tree She will give shade even to the ones cutting it.

  78. Manoj Says:


    I agree that wealth of Amritanandamayi Math need to be scrutinized but it is appaling to see the urge from India Vision to do so which tends to make the public believe that India Vision is trying to deflect another major issue of Panakkad Shihab Thangal who has been come under the scanner regarding his dubious superstitiuos practices. It is ironic that India Vision, it self is a product of this Muslim League, Celebrity Thangal. That makes the integrity and intention of India vision’s attack on Amritanandamayi Math, questionable. I dare, Mr.Muneer the MD of India Vision to carry out a similar scoup on Panakkad Shihab Thangal. At least, it would help people like me to appreciate the unbiasedness and objectivity of the media on genuine issues like this. Otherwise, I am sorry to say that people are getting sick of this divisive media tactics by vested political and religious groups undermining the spirit and ethos of Objective Journalism

  79. Murali Says:

    It is the duty of the Television or any other Communicating Media, to communicate any mis-happenings to the world, so that all can be alert. But an important duty of any such communicating Media is that before publishing any news, they should go into the details and publishes only what they found as REAL. This is the success of a Channel, and there you
    FAILED India Vision. AMMA is the embodiment of PURE LOVE. With HER Compassion and Love, she has conquered the whole world and SHE is the UNIVERSAL GURU, whom the whole world is waiting to at least see HER from a
    distance. And India Vision… you are spreading false news against AMMA for getting publicity. What are you going to achieve from this? Please realize that by doing so you are really going down from HERO to ZERO. India Vision… Shame on you…

  80. Sai Laxmi Says:

    We didn’t expect such false news from Indiavision….Before spreading rumours please enquire the truth.”AMMA” is our LIFE,GURU…n all.So, dare to spread false news for getting publicity.

  81. Sai Laxmi Says:

    We didn’t expect such false news from Indiavision….Before spreading rumours please enquire the truth.”AMMA” is our LIFE,GURU…n all.So,don’t dare to spread false news for getting publicity.

  82. AMMA'S children Says:

    This is For Indiavision – “KANUNDAYAL PORA, KANANAM”.

  83. yashwin Says:

    ur third rated channel became noticed only when it touched on Amma……the PURE AND ETERNAL…….THIS WILL BE YOUR TURNING POINT……may the gods bless you………..:)

  84. Rajeev Says:

    I request the media people not to mislead the society by spreading baseless news about Amma.

  85. radhika Says:

    even during the times of great avatars as sri krishna there were people steeped in ignorance of his greatness and divinity……then what to say of people like u whose sole purpose of living is to live like pigs till death eating and enjoying on filth not knowing that there is something ELSE that is truly enjoying and fulfilling!!!!!!

    shame on you who have not yet been able to discover the greatness of our motherland!

    you must understand the desperate need to correct ur VISION…….and then attach urself to the name of a great country like INDIA which has given phenomenons like AMMA down the ages, rendering the country the reputation for guiding the entire world………learn to know what it is like to be a PROUD INDIAN with the CORRECT VISION :- :-

  86. vineesha Says:

    We didn’t expect nasty things from Indiavision…
    I don’t think tht they have enough education.

  87. Bhavani Says:

    We had a good impression Before – If you don’t watch Indiavision you are uninformed.

    But Now – If you do watch Indiavision you are misinformed

    Visionless Indiavision!!!

    Have you ever seen anyone like AMMA in the World’s history who REALLY lives for others?

    Pls change your VISION properly!

    Return good to Evil – This is our AMMA’s nature.

  88. Fathima Says:

    This is not AMMA who is doing illegal activities. It is people like you without any basic moralities spoiling yourself as well as you are trying to spoil the society through your channel.

  89. Saritha Says:

    I used to watch India Vision believing that the channel is bringing out the real n the truth. But now I realise that it is time to change my attitude towards this channel.
    It is from the ashram n frm the devotees of amma that I understood what ‘selfless service’ is, what ‘real peace’ is.. n more!!!
    I believe that amma is the ‘great satguru’ who is the embodiment of truth and compassion. No word can define amma.

  90. sunil kumar Says:

    We strongly express our regret for your unethical way of treating our beloved amma. If you want to know about amma and amritapuri asram please make a make visit to asram and amma then telicaste your program. I sure you will get the punisment nature itself.

  91. Naveen Says:

    It is not enough that you have kept the name India vision to your channel, you should have some high vision to broadcast the truth only to the society.

    Now, it is clear that you have failed to give moral information. You are trying to spread visham (poison) through your channel by spreading immoral information about AMMA. Remember ‘Truth always triumphs’

  92. Namitha Vasudevan & Chithra Vasudevan Says:

    Aum Amriteswaryai namah!

    “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

    Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

    Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

    Tadatmanam Srijami Aham’.

    Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

    The literal meaning of this sloka is:

    “Whenever there is decay

    of righteousness O! Bharatha

    And a rise of unrighteousness

    then I manifest Myself!”

    The incarnations of god like sri krishna,sri Rama,Jesus n finally AMMA has
    taken birth for the purpose of destroying the evil spirits.Watever these
    numskull people say,AMMA dont care at all,she has taken birth with a purpose
    and will fulfill her divine goal,no one can interfere in that if they try to do so.

    From the very beginning itself the rationalist people here in kerala are against AMMA,
    they are the people who are AFRAID of AMMA and trying to abuse her,actually they believe
    that god is only a delusion,that itself a very big stupidity.Those who don’t have any
    knowledge about god and god’s quality,what right they have to judge a guru like AMMA?

    Dont use your limited intellect to judge the actions of the Masters like AMMA.

    Physicists may say that an atom conatins a lot of energy. In fact, the atomic
    bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima contained only a few milligrams of matter
    converted in to energy that levelled the entire city. If a single atom can
    contain so much energy, what about the spiritual energy in man? It can
    completely remove the numberless delusions carried over from countless lifetimes.
    We are all rooted in God. Think about this small flame of consciousness in man.
    It can grow into a roaring conflagration of infinite energy and light.That is
    what happened to AMMA.

    And also i have a request to you please invite those people who have a little
    bit of sence for expressing their views. It is SHAME on you people that you are
    still calling unnecessary people who dosen’t have evevn basic knowledge about
    the society; while conducting discussions on serious matters. Did these people
    ever been to AMMA’S Ashram? Without Knowing AMMA’S servises and WOrK, what the
    hell these people are talking about?

    As a conclusion i want to tell you people that please spread truthful newses instead of
    romours.At present you are spreading negative thoughts only,it seems like your channel
    only for causing mental stress to people not for filling people with knowledge around the globe……

  93. sandhya Says:

    There is no lack of topics for media to make stories about. There are many topics and personalities that yield to your sensationalizing taste. You may go on with them, and leave the holy to the holy.

    Amma, though She has every eligibility to criticize the wrongs, is constantly engaged in positive work, colossal and constructive works for the good of the deprived. If you cannot see that I am sorry about your blindness to see the blazing sun.

    If you are really sincere in your feelings for the poor and sick, divert your resources from criticizing Amma into some constructive work for the benefit of the society.

    Have you ever fed any one person with love and compassion in all your life? Have you ever touched, let alone serve, a critically ill beggar? Have you built even one house for the poor? Have you, even one day spent your time only for the sake of others?

    If No, then Amma’s life and activities is not an area for puny you to poke your nose.
    If Yes, you would have understood Amma’s life mission.
    India Vision, you have neither the vision nor the great Indian heart.

  94. Kichu Says:

    Money makes things; Now money makes the ‘INDIA VISHAM’ to spread rumours against Living examples like ‘AMMA’.

    We are not saying go beyond cheaters or criminals like Yohannan and Thangal, because you won’t do also since u arr paid by them and you are afraid of them.

    But atleast you should not spread rumour messages against mahatma’s Like AMMA.

    If you want to make some money you can also do like yohannan, atleast you can avoid such things.

    Think your time is bad which makes you do like this.
    Pray to AMMA , and AMMA will shower blessings to you also.

    All the best

  95. K C Jagadeep Says:

    I suggest to the POLICE and Government…

    Please have a RAID on AMMA’s ashram..

    Dear all channel people please have a LIVE telecast of the raid…

    Do it on all Branches and ashrams… which related to AMMA

    Then only people can realize Who is AMMA and How she funding crores for TSUNAMI Rehabilitation and other CHARITY All over the world.

    And I am Asking CHANNEL PEOPLE to telecast this too…

    The daily routine of AMMA and Other Residents [Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis who doing services with out sleep n food]

    Please do it As soon as possible…


    Please SHUTUP your mouth when you are in a deep SHIT…

  96. yashwin Says:

    mr. jagadeep Please SHUTUP your mouth when you are in a deep SHIT

  97. Deepu Kartha Says:

    I believe its Channel WAR between AMRITA TV & INDIAVISION..

    Now a day’s AMRITA is popular than all other NEWS channels……

    Before INDIAVISION was there…

    Kairali & Indiavision WARNING to Aashram “do service to poor people and don’t be there competitor…”

    Marikkan pokunna “Kamsanu” , “Sree Krishnane” kurichorkkumboll undakunaaa oru pediyilleee.. athanu ivied Indiavisionum Kairalikkum….

    Kairali Communistkarude ayathinall avrenkilum kanumm…….. But

    what about INDIAVISION….!??????

    Let the staff & CEO’s can Enjoy… [ so SWAP the programeeeeee 😉 ]

    Best wishes……!!

  98. Dinu Varma Says:

    I am 100% agree With Mr. K C Jagadeep’s above post.

    Please do it if you can.

    or please SHUTUP your Mouth let them do seva for the nation.


    Mr. Yashwin you too Please SHUTUP your mouth YOU are in a deep SHIT…:-)

  99. Meena Mayoori Says:

    Dear Mr. Deepu Kartha

    Might be its true…

    Bcoz see other channel people.they r not spreading rumours.

    Its seems that india vision being a rumour vision..


    Hello.. Yashwin
    keep your limists..

  100. Namitha Vasudevan Says:

    Deepu im also agree with you….. 🙂

  101. Chandran Says:

    Whatever you people [media] try to bogus against my beloved Amma will not affect because truth is untainted.
    For one doctor’s mistake, you cannot blame the entire medical system.

  102. Mini Sreekumar Says:

    History says what
    Who was Sreekrishna, Christ…..
    The Christ was crusified between thieves

    Saints never cares and always thinks about the poor and needy and have no time for this pitty things

    See AMMA once. Experiance the confidence achived from her hug.

    And AMMA is for us all including the ” Chunkakkar & Vesiayas”

    People who are against AMMA will become ardent devoties of AMMA soon. No other way…

    These all are AMMAS play.

  103. preethi Says:

    India vision should maintain some standards and ethics while publishing news of such kind.By blaming AMMA you are just trying to acquire CHEAP PUBLICITY…..

  104. Vidya Says:

    It is very depressing to hear that such a reputed channel is spreading such fake and unbelievable news.We are extremely lucky to have AMMA in this universe.You should be ASHAMED to talk against such a great and wonderful personality who is working so much for mankind and humanity.PLEASE GO AND HIDE YOUR FACES SOMEWHERE FOR DOING SUCH A CHEAP AND DOWNTRODDEN JOB

  105. Sukrithum Says:

    Jagadeep,what is this? It is pity that u dont know to post atleast a comment of yourself.copy pasting from deepu who already proved to be evil.Try to copy and paste the comments of good people in your life or else no body will value you like as u are in this blog now!!!

  106. Nidhi Says:

    We people in Kerala thought Indiavision would be a channel with good vision. But right now we realise that Indiavision do not have any vision. You spread fake news and rumors about Great Masters like our Beloved AMMA. It hurts millions of people around the Globe because they have realised that only Masters like AMMA can uplift the world from Adharma to Dharma. Management and staff of Indiavision are requested not to be part of Adharma.

    Instead of just telecast the wrong news, PLEASE have the courtesy to find whether the news is true or valid. Please visit the Mata Amritanandamayi Math to see what happens there. At least visit the website http://www.amritapuri.org to know about AMMA and Her activities.

    It is a request to Indiavision from many people like me, Please read the history of Mother India where many great masters like Sriramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Jagatguru Sankaracharya, Chattambi swamikal, Sreenarayana Guru and our beloved AMMA lived. Please telecast the programmes about these Great Masters instead of nonsenses that you are telecasting now.

    I sincerely pray to God to give the right sense to you(People in Indiavision) so that you understand the values of Great Masters of India.

    Hope you understand our feelings. Additionally let me inform you, if you continue to give false news about AMMA or other Great Masters of India in your channel, we will definitely react to it.

  107. Sharanyan Says:

    Dear People,

    With due repect i would like to bring it to your notice that your effort in bring out the so called facts about the SPIRITUAL LEADERS in this part of the country has hurt the sentiments & belief of a lot of people with in Kerala & as well as India.
    I take this opportunity to tell you that MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI DEVI (AMMA)has been a more of a social worker than a spritual master & this act of her holiness needs to be appreciated & not defamed.
    We strongly condemn your BARBARIC effort to defame/insult such a great personality who has not only given a new life to abandoned people but also who has been gracefully serving the humanity.
    Hope the lord you pray to gives you a small capability to think & analyze be fore you do such activity.

  108. SHARAN Says:



  109. Preethi Says:

    India Vision has done an extremely BASELESS, UN ETHICAL,CHEAP & THIRD RATE publicity by accusing her holiness MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI DEVI. I am sure that u pepole are not capable of even thinking of building a shelter for the needy or a school to provide quality education.All u r are capable is to sit ,gossip& involve urself in all dirty acts.
    Such fools donot have a iota of right to comment about such people who has havespent live their lives for the upliftment of humanity.

    if not for her spiritual powers AMMA desereves to be atleast respected to the tremendous amout of social service she has delivered to the society which u are a part of.


  110. Sathyaraj Says:

    If Amma devotees around the world expresses their grief about the unwanted publicity against Amma, possibly the “Vision” from Indiavision would fly away for ever and India would continue to remain great with the blessings of all the Satgurus like AMMA,SREERAMAKRISNA,SREENRAYANAGURU,ADI SHANKRCHARYA and many more. Look at the upliftment of thousands of destitutes in the society irrespective of the religion or the country or the state they belong to. Tsunami rehabilitation is the perfect example which a media like Indiavision could see. I am sure they have seen; but difficult to acknowledge; but easy to ignore. Look at the earth quake rehabiliation programs undertaken in Gujarat and thousands of many more chartitable works which are being done by MA math. We all request Indiavision to refrain from such unwarrented deeds against Mahatamas so that good spirits and peace prevail all along for the rest of the days we live in this world. May I request to all negative minded people to Noble causes “Do not get jelous about the phenominal growth of Amma devotees around the world. It is the way of life to which all are invited to taste….”Aum Namashivaya.

  111. Sampath Says:

    It is unfortunate that the electronic media seems to be indulging in unethical publicity. Introspect before making any such statements about a Mahatma called AMMA
    Spending Her life for the poor & downtrodden ,guiding people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge,working selflessly to the cause of peace in the world has been some thing spectacular which only a divine force can do . It is a movement called AMMA.
    How can you ever think of talking about this great personality.
    This is the apparent difference between youself and AMMA.
    May I pray to the Almighty to bestow you with good sense and thoughts lest you continue to write such abnoxiuos comments. Perhaps this just a begining for your end and I hope better sense prevails and you refrain from such comments in future.
    May God Bless You

  112. Deepu Says:

    Dear AMIT and RAHNA

    I am not against AMMA or ashram,

    What you felt from my earlier post.. If my recommended post will happen? It will take ups the only popularity of AMMA and ashram …

    If the government /police can draw the real Sketch .. let it be happen..

    People can realize the truth… now a days the Trent is changing , people only accepting the good things which will help to nation n people, they don’t mind about the fake and masked people..and people believe supreme court more than a God..

    RAHNA…., SEETHA needed to prove her holiness in front of RAMA… all are Human beings… they might be need a evidence to accept..

    Read and realize before you reply…

  113. KC Jagadeep Says:


    I am not against AMMA or ashram… I am a regular visitor of ashram since 1992…

    Government taken an action to find out Good saints/Ashrams… [ If its not a political Drama of ACHU MAMA ];)Personally I am welcoming that diction of filtering…

    But it should happen in all religious don’t only focus HINDU ASHRAMS and HINDU SANYASI’

    You people know that HOW AMMA giving service to the entire edge… But my recommended post for the people who don’t know How AMMA doing the services… And what she is doing to achieve her goals…ASHRAM is a OPENED Book for every one… but the post for who don’t have reading habit on it…let them realize Amma…

    Its my nick name.. I posted twice.. sorry I did’nt see the first one.. 😦

  114. Vijay Says:

    In Serve Amma…
    Mother Kali is known as Kali-Ma, the Black Goddess, Maha Kali, Nitya Kali, Smashana Kali, Raksha Kali, Shyama Kali, Kalikamata, and Kalaratri. Among the Tamils she is known as Kottavei. Maha Kali and Nitya Kali are mentioned in the Tantra philosophy. ‘Kal’ means Darkness; Kali takes away that Darkness. She takes away the darkness from every individual who strives in the path of perfection by performing the spiritual disciplines of purifying austerities. Just as all the colors of the visible spectrum mix into white, yet still the black void remains black, so too, Kali, who is completely Dark, Unknowable, takes away all the Darkness, yet She, Herself, remains unchanged.

  115. Amrita Putran Says:

    I really disappointed to see India Vision including Amma in he fake sanyasin’s news.May be your knowledge about Amma be limited but u will have to see & understand the work which Amma has been doing for many years in India and outside. Her compassion to poor , readinees to help,simplicity in life everything can be taken as an example to this most modern mad world .Amma is not claiming anything and just working and showing the world how to live and let others to live too..I do agree tht there r so many fake sanyasins in this world and it is the duty of Govt and people to isolate them and put them behind bar ..ther is no doubt in it..but please do not try to tarnish the image of good real sanyasins who dedicated there life for the service of society..so before publishing anything , i have a request to India Vision channel that u should understand the truth .Otherwise you are cheating the people who expect relaible /truthful news from u r channel .The best thing which channel can do is to send some one from u r side and let him go and stay in the ashram and see amma’s day to day life .then ask him to write each and everything he see there.Then you will understand her greatness .Once again , I hv to say tht I am completely disappointed with your news .Show your decency by apologing u r viewers for spreading wrong news .it is a shame …

  116. lalitha Says:

    India Vision,watch you facts.If you were thrilled believing that you have discovered something.All I have to tell you is, it was a cheap thrill, you worse days are not faraway.If you don’t have any truth to share with the public, the best you could do is ,STOP SPREADING RUMOURS.I have a request……….go and visit Amritapuri and read about AMMA.Talk to the tsunami victims.If you still want more news,talk to her children all around the world.They will be able to give you a better understanding.LOKAH SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU.

  117. shanjif Says:


  118. Gopan Says:

    I feel bad on early writings in this blog. I wrote that in state of mental confusion. I don’t know why I wrote about Amma, who is doing lot of charitable work.I like to say it was of sudden response. Actually,I’ve been under councelling and training of a clinical psychologist.In some mental state I did it.I’m sorry to bring amma and her related organization into the picture. It is fact that the company I narrated, Amrita Technologies runs by some of Ammas devotees not by the ashram. Sorry for the mistake. I think wrong informations may do lot of harm on everyones mind. Regrets for the same.My heartfelt appologies to all whom I hurt with the earlier blog. I firmly take back the earlier comments.

    Once again I’m understanding the pain all others had and feel it is time to say All these matters will not
    happen any further by talk and walk.

  119. amma's mol Says:

    dun DRAG my AMMA into some fake swami’s mess.

  120. amma's darling Says:

    GET your facts right.Ur vision is blurred correct it first before you guide others.Amritapuri is true “God’s own country”.Count your blessing you people of kerala for having Amma in your land.Amme Sharanam

  121. amma's ponnu Says:

    Amma is the embodiment of selfless Love on the surface of earth.Whatever you say about Amma does not effect HER.HER LOVE will keep flowing even to those who doubt her.Now for those people who believed that you have always been telecasting only facts and truth, you have betrayed them.Atleast on this issue we are able to understand how unreliable your channel is on the facts it broadcast.JAI MA!

  122. Sri Says:

    KInldy dont resort to cheap means of publicity by showing people like Amma in bad light.Such are the people and organisations who are the saving grace of humanity.You have already reduced your credibility by showing such things.Apologize and dont repeat if you want the channel to survive.

  123. Amma's child Says:

    Dear India Vision,

    Please do not spread false message about Amma and the organisation. It is beyond your vision to understand Amma and her mission on this Earth.Duryodhana could never understand the greatness of Krishna.What can we say of your poor intellect and vision.

  124. Sukrithum Says:

    jagdeep and deepu,nice that you clarified it.That is true that may be all this is happening because truth must be revealed and rumours must be stopped.Any time,any one can go to Ashram and check what is happening .How many years back this Ashram started it activities?Many tried to spread rumours against but did any succeed?No !Ashram is still continously doing seva from many years back and devotees are growing exponentially.No body can do anything against it.Is this a proof.Still some people couldn’t understand .let us pray to AMMA that let them come out of their darkness.otherwise they will regret later.

  125. bhadraj Says:

    all channnels are now concentarting on sprituality related isssues.the point is that they shud investigate whatever they want then the real true essence of truth will come out (as AMMA always truth can be hidden for long period of time)so these channels should maintain atleast minimum standard & authenticity.
    now the society is showing CRIMINAL SILENCE, they are not reacting in the true spirit or carelesness for fellow beings. so people please try to understand& realise the seva activities done by AMMA–its a real eye opener 4 te so called YOUNGESTHAN generation.

  126. KC Jagadeep Says:

    Dear All…

    The English translation of Swamiji’s Malayalam newspaper article is attached to read.

    “It’s not enough to have eyes. One must see…”
    By Swami Amritaswarupananda puri

    Kerala is known throughout the world as the land of the educated. Education is nothing but knowledge, discriminative understanding. It is the ability to distinguish between truth and untruth. Mere superficial understanding is not enough; one must have discriminative insight too. This is what one must gain from education. Whenever the opportunity arises, we must use this intellectual faculty to benefit society. Santosh Madhavan and Bhadranandan have now created an opportunity for us to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is no doubt that such charlatans should be apprehended and that strict legal action should be taken against them. It is also necessary to make people more aware, so that they will not fall into the traps such frauds have created.

    However, it is wrong to attempt to exploit such situations in attempts to whip up the emotions of people. Such a thing is not becoming of those with discriminative intellects. Wrongdoers must be punished. But trying to portray one who acts in accordance with dharma as a criminal is misleading the public. It is utter selfishness and betrayal as well. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in Kerala today. There is a group of people who do not forgo any opportunity they get to say whatever they feel; such people are no different than the insane.

    I was wondering, do those who issue such public statements daily, and thus create a hue and cry, really love the people of Kerala so much? Are social good and the welfare of the people their only aims? How much zeal they seem to have in wanting to deliver Keralites from darkness! However, I have a doubt. Where was their concern and sincerity during the tsunami, floods, landslides and earthquakes? Were they around to wipe away the tears of the heart-broken and to console them? When Kerala was witnessing bloodbaths, the sexual harassment of women and the exploitation of even small children for sexual gratification—crimes that confound human consciousness—where were they? It’s hard to figure out why they have assumed this “guise of saviours” now, when they did not then.

    Aren’t there imposters in every field of activity? Aren’t there people who fleece others to make money in politics, the arts and business? Aren’t there fake doctors? Just because one doctor has prescribed the wrong medicine, do we proclaim that all doctors are inept? Amma once said, “Ravana came in the guise of a sannyasi [ordained monk] and abducted Sita. In truth, was Ravana a sannyasi? Would anyone say that it was a sannyasi who abducted Sita?” Recently, an incident took place in the town of Kollam. A woman donned the uniform of a policewoman and entered the stores of various goldsmiths on the pretext of inspecting the stores. She even stole some ornaments from some of these stores. Is it right to condemn the entire police department just because such an incident took place?

    In our country, stone masons, carpenters, astrologers, priests and even beggars wear ochre-coloured robes. The faithful also address pilgrims going to Sabarimala, astrologers and priests as ‘Swami.’ However, wearing ochre or prefixing the word ‘swami’ to one’s name doesn’t make one a sannyasi. We have to understand that this motley crew who pass themselves off as ‘swamis’ also includes those who, as Adi Shankaracharya quipped, “Wear diverse guises to fill the stomach” [“udaranimittam bahukritavesham”].

    Who is a sannyasi? One who has forsaken the thought of ‘I and mine’ and vowed to live without selfish interests is a true sannyasi. A true sannyasi is one who has offered the ‘self’ into the sacrificial fire of the Viraja Homa [a Vedic rite], who has mentally renounced notions of class, religion or caste, who has been initiated into a mantra by a Guru who has also bestowed a sannyasa name and the ochre-coloured robes, which symbolize purification by fire, and who performs only deeds that are beneficial to the world. Maturity and mental purity in thought and deed are the hallmarks of sannyasa. That is why Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, “Kaamyaanaam karmanaam nyaasam sanyaasam kavayo viduh” [“The sages understand sannyasa to be the renunciation of works with desire”].

    Amma’s is a life that exemplifies in every moment the Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Qur’an and Dhammapada, among others. She inspires others to take the path of selfless action. The Mata Amritanandamayi Math does nothing that is not in keeping with the law. Amma’s actions are visible to all. Those who wish to know the truth need only move around in society and observe for themselves.

    Amma has millions of followers within and outside India. They are all wholeheartedly helping Amma in her humanitarian works. They ask nothing for themselves. They have chosen to take part in these efforts of their own accord, having seen for themselves and having become aware of the humanitarian services She is rendering all over the world. There is nothing to hide or conceal here. Every last penny is scrupulously accounted for, and the accounts of revenues and expenditures are duly submitted to the government. If the Math receives 10 paisa, it goes back to society as 10 rupees. This is possible only because of the thousands of selfless volunteers who are ready to work day and night without any monetary remuneration. It must be mentioned that most of them are highly educated too. Shouldn’t those who go around trumpeting news about revenue also show some interest in learning the truth that the Math spends twice as much as it earns in social-service activities?

    Let me say one more thing. If other Indian states and foreign nations regard our tiny Kerala with reverence, it is only because Adi Shankaracharya, Chattambi Swami and Sri Narayana Guru lived here. If this land of Malayalees is looked upon with gratitude today, it is because of Amma, who abides as the symbol of pure, human love, which transcends the boundaries of caste and creed. Didn’t she carry the Malayalam language into the inner chambers of the United Nations? Don’t you have eyes to see all these? “It’s not enough to have eyes. One must see.”

    Om tat sat [The Supreme Reality is the Truth].

  127. KC Jagadeep Says:


    happy to see this all posts , I wish all this power should work together for more goodness,
    Keep in touch kcjagadeep at aol.in

  128. chinmayi Says:

    “Defining AMMA is beyond words could say”
    Only there, we can experience the real peace and love.
    If you really want to know about AMMA simply look around you- there will be people with full of joy and
    satisfaction with whatever they have and they are still more happy to serve poor and needy people. That’s what AMMA taught us.

  129. rekha Says:

    When the full moon rises the dog look at the beautiful moon and barks and wail. But this doesn’t bother the full moon a bit. It goes on shining in grace giving out cool moonlight evenly on everything and everyone, including that dog which is barking and howling and wailing!

    But this barking affects some! Whom? Those who hear the barking.

    When it becomes impossible any more to bear this howling, what would they do?

    They will come. With sticks and stones in hand. To make this dog run away.
    But by that time the dog may have worn out and collapsed. And the Moon will be as ever, shining gracefully as before.

    Do you want the issue to reach that level?

  130. GOVIND Says:

    Its all transparent about AMMA n her ashram………u know it, i know it worls knows it n so does INDIAVISION……. so cant u stop such nonsense……

  131. Sukrithum Says:

    what do you mean govind???

  132. Preeti Pillai Says:

    Hi All,

    Its sad to know that in our Kerala, Media has still not learnt what their role is, in this society. If our media is strong they can help build a strong state or country. But looks like our news/media people are only interested in financial gain, even if it comes at the cost of the society.
    I would like to humbly request them to look into and just think once, about what they have done/written and in future not repeat such heinous acts. Please be of use to the society. If we all can do our little acts of helping each other, I am sure this world will be a much better place for all of us.
    Personally, I find AMMA a role model in every aspect. I am living a very content and peaceful life, which is HER grace. Nobody is asking you to follow HER, but before you talk ill, look around and you will find so many people who have benefited in some way or the other from HER presence in the world right now.

    Please think about other too.

    Thank you
    Preeti Pillai

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