The channels are no longer available on Insat 4A.

Now they available at Insat 2E.

Indiavision News

Frequency: 3914 Pol. Vertical

Symbol Rate: 3000 FEC 3/4

Yes Indiavision

Frequency: 3919 Pol. Vertical

Symbol Rate: 3000 FEC 3/4

Just to update the records


This was the message when I tried to enter the forum today

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White text In black background …

Yes Indiavision is now On Air…

Insat 4A, Freq: 3843 SR 3333 Horizontal FEC 3/4

Could see with some English movie trailers

Firefox users, use Padma extension to see Indiavision Official website in Unicode Malayalam. Also you can copy paste the news items for reference purposes.

Just add in the site list.

The channel for those young at heart,
is all set to go on air…

Post your Ideas…

November 4, 2006

If you have some ideas about Indiavision TV, do post them.. To join this blog please comment with your correct email address(in the email address field)…

ഇന്ത്യാവിഷനെ പറ്റി എന്തെങ്കിലും എഴുതാനാഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നവര്‍ക്ക് സ്വാഗതം…

MUMBAI: Kerala’s Indiavision Satellite Communications Ltd, which runs the news channel Indiavision, is gearing up to launch an entertainment channel in the Malayalam television market…. [More…]